Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend at Cluny

On Saturday we packed the car and went for a long drive to Cluny. I remember last year there were lots of other Leonbergers there and it rained all day!

We made several stops on the way down, but me and Harley mainly slept all the way. The weather was lovely when we arrived.

When mum and dad had unpacked we went for a walk to the show ground. Harley is being judged this year - just hope he behaves himself!!  One of the first people we met were Tony and Jane my breeders. They made a fuss of me and cuddled Harley. After a walk round we went back to the hotel, then later on we had to walk all the back to the show ground for dinner. Harley was very surprised to see so many Leos in one place - he wanted to play with all of them!
It was very dark when we walked home and we were all very tired.
The hotel was very nice right next to the Abbey- but a bit warm for us - so dad opened the window at night.

Up early on Sunday and a walk round Cluny to find some grass!  As we went into the dining room for breakfast, there was a leo guarding the door and he was quite aggressive - so mum took Harley outside while dad and I had breakfast. After the dog had left - Harley and mum came in. While mum had her breakfast, Dad took Harley to the show ground to be be booked in - we joined them later. It still wasn't raining - but mum said it was a bit cold - not that I felt cold!!

Harley was in ring 2 with the Baby Males. There were Leos everywhere you looked and again Harley was barking and wanting to play with them all!!
We had to wait for ages before Harley went into the ring - but he did behave himself  whilst he was there!  The judge looked at his teeth and felt all over him then he had to run round the ring with mum. Good job mum and dad had been practising this with him cos he had to run past all the other dogs in the ring - which he did very well!!

Another long wait and he was called back to the ring and made the first cut.  Mum got given a piece of paper that said Harley was "Very Promising"  This is the best result for his age.

We then had lunch and went to talk to Jane and Tony. On the way we met Harleys dad - he's a champion of France you know!  Dad took some pictures of Harley with him. The owners of Harleys dad talked to mum for a long time and said Harley looked very good!

What a surprise for Harley! 
I had a lovely surprise as well - I met my mummy - Bea!!!  Dad took lots of photos of us!

 Mum said I was the prettiest dog at the show!!
Another night in the hotel before we set off home.

It was good to be home!
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