Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day trip to Granville!

Mum & dad decided to go out for the day yesterday. Mum packed our bag with food, water and toys and off we went!
We ended up in Granville - a fishing town near St Malo.
First of all Harley and me had a long walk along the beach before we jumped back in the car and headed for the town. We had lunch at a place called "Pirate Cafe" - well mum and dad had lunch and  I went to sleep. Harley wanted to say hello to everyone and chase the pigeon - but he soon settled down!
We went for another long walk through the town and up into the high town which had a wall round it. Mum saw a lovely house with views over the bay (very quirky).  Then we came back down and into the new part of Granville before geting in the car and stopping at another beach!. There was a big tractor on the beach and Harley just had to go and investigate!!! 

Just as we were leaving it started to rain - so we came home. On the way out we past the Dior museum. Mum and her friend Jill want to go and have a look at that one day as it has some fabulous ball gowns on display. (Perhaps they would take me as well - I'm always so well behaved!!)

So tired when we got home. Dad lit the first fire of Winter and we just fell asleep after dinner.

A la prochaine

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